About Mike Sisco

Hey, Mike Sisco here.

I hate it when I read "About" pages on websites that are written in third person. So I'm going to write my own about page from a first person point of view.

I’m a fitness coach and writer dedicated to helping guys from all around the world build muscle, lose fat, gain strength and improve their bodies and lives.

As a naturally “skinny guy”, I originally began training in high school as a way to bulk up and add muscle to my frame. I also had a goal of getting stronger for athletic purposes.. Like most people who are just beginning a fitness or strength program though, I had absolutely no clue where to start.

I had a strength and conditioning coach for athletics. Woke up every morning at 5 AM to train. Listened to all the "buff" guys at the gym. I scraped and clawed trying to get bigger.

I spent hours sifting through information on fitness websites and online forums. There was so much conflicting information, I didn't know which advice to follow.

I spent a ton of cash (or should I say credit) experimenting with supplements. 

And yet despite all my hard work, the progress I barely made any progress. I started at 165 lbs. and on a good day I weighed 175 lbs.

​I knew there was a way to do it correctly, because I had seen stories of other guys who had done it. I was so frustrated because I couldn't figure out what "the right way" was. 

I knew that, like anything else, there must be a science to building muscle and burning fat. So I changed my college major to Pre-Medical Sciences in an effort to gain a better understanding of the human body.

I tossed out the fitness magazines and shifted my attention to research papers and exercise journals instead…

I focused on the study of bio-mechanics, sports nutrition and supplement research…

I consulted with some of the top experts in the field to gain as much insight as I possibly could…

Until I was able to map out first-hand the legitimate, science-based methods behind achieving real muscle growth, fat loss and strength gains in the most simple and efficient manner.

The most surprising thing I discovered: almost all fitness information out there is a flat lie. Big corporations profit by keeping you in the dark so you will keep spending your hard earned dollars on their supplements.

The simple reality is this…

Building muscle, burning fat and getting into impressive shape can be SIMPLE

It doesn’t require you to revolve your entire life around your training and diet (you can have a social life, eat your favorite foods and have other hobbies outside of the gym while still getting into your best shape ever), and it doesn’t require you to spend a ton of money on supplements, programs and other fads and gimmicks that you don’t really need.

It requires a lot of hard work, discipline and consistency, yes.  However, the process itself is far from rocket-science despite how unnecessarily over-complicated all the “experts” out there try to make it.

By simply employing the new methods I had learned along with some dedicated work in the gym (and kitchen), not only was I able to dramatically transform my own body from a weak and skinny 165 pounds to a strong, muscular and healthy 215 pounds…

But I also have a goal to inform and inspire hundreds of thousands of other people all around the world using these same techniques through the articles, videos, newsletters and products.

In an industry that has become completely overrun with false information and outright scams, you can trust my advice as an honest, reliable resource to help you reach your ultimate fitness goals in the most efficient, result-producing and practical way possible.

My approach is honest, logical and is based on real facts and reasoning; NOT on hype, fads and bro-science.

I teach you everything you need to know to get to where you want to be while discarding all of the unnecessary fluff.

I have a zero B.S policy.

So, if you’re ready to put all the gimmicks behind and learn how to do this the rightway, here are the 4 steps I’d suggest following right now to get “in the loop” on all of my latest tips, updates and other valuable information…

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You won’t find any hype or nonsense – just the usable, hard-hitting information you truly need to build muscle, and gain strength at your maximum potential.

Step #2 – Make your way through my free informational resources.

Articles – The article section of this website is a literal goldmine of information and contains evidence-based posts discussing training, nutrition, supplementation, motivation and everything in between.

I can guarantee that this will be some of the most useful, insightful content you’ll find anywhere on these topics.

Recommended Stuff – Here you’ll find a collection of various resources that I personally stand by and recommend to improve health and fitness results even further.

If you have any questions or need help of any kind, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email (mike at revolutionfitnessacademy.com) and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

I look forward to connecting with you!