This page contains a list of products and resources that I personally stand behind and recommend.

There are far too many self-proclaimed “honest” experts out there who say they have your best interests at heart, and then proceed to shove any and every product they can down your throat (many of which they probably haven’t even reviewed firsthand) just to make a buck.

My promise here is simple, and that is to ONLY recommend things to you that I believe will add value to your fitness program and life in general, and that I think are worth the price.

This section is a continual work in progress, and will be updated and expanded over time.

Recipe Books

Anabolic Cooking – By Dave Ruel

Contains over 200 easy-to-prepare muscle building recipes that can be easily incorporated into your diet along with cooking lessons and other useful tips.

Although I don’t agree with all of the specific nutritional advice that is given in terms of laying out your daily diet, the actual recipes are an awesome resource that I do recommend.